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The world we live in is vast & abundant.  We spend so much of our time & so much of our hard earned money desiring to feel well. What if I told you that there is a way to surround yourself & your loved ones in peace, strength, tranquility, and all of the things that make you feel well.  Would you believe me if I said that a lavender field in France can ease your worries, trepidation's, and anxiety?  Or that a beautiful plant only found in the Middle East can make your life & the lives around you feel more sacred?  How do you get there, you ask?  Well, for starters, it can be found in its most purest form inside a glass bottle.  And, if you one day you would want to visit the exotic places from where these precious oils come from then I can help you get there.  

I've already been sold on Young Living from that first drop I experienced and right now I am on a journey.  I started with the basics and I am quickly learning all there is to know about wellness and how Young Living Essential Oils fit into our daily lives.  I am not afraid to admit that I was once where you are... unsure, but very curious.  Is there a catch?  Am I missing something?  Not really!  The proof is in the bottle.  All it takes is one drop and I let go of my hesitancy and opened my heart to something that I can truly feel proud of.  

What are Essential Oils? 

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Our Story

Our journey to Young Living Essential Oils landed at our doorstep, we just had to answer.

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What Are Essential Oils?

Sacred Frankincense

Sacred Frankincense

Essential oils are the aromatic liquid found within shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, resins, and seeds. These powerful oils are natures living energy, each holding unique constituents and the life force of the plant. Large amounts of plant matter are required to distill and make a small amount of essential oil, creating a highly concentrated, enjoyable to use product.

These plants, and this these oils, deserve our love and respect. We should treat these essential oils with great care, use the information we have available to us, and not forget our intuition. We are connected to this earth, and universe, and thus these oils. They resonate their frequencies, and being energetically open and receptive to them can greatly enhance our experience with welcoming them into our path to wellness, and abundance.

While a single essential oil may seem simple, they actually contain anywhere from 80 to 300 or more different chemical constituents, each making up a part of their therapeutic effect. Lavender is one oil that is very complex, perhaps that is why it's so loved. It has many constituents to align with many peoples individual needs.

However, not all essential oil is created the same. Young Living's essential oils are pure, and by this it means to not be adulterated, or have substances added or removed artificially to enhance certain profiles of an oil, like scent alone. The only thing is the bottle is what is listed on the bottle, pure, amazing oils.

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The knowledge, science, chemistry and ongoing research involved in the production of these oils, and the sharing of them is monuments and I am thrilled to entrust Young Living in this complex, and intricate work. I strive to learn more each day, and share more each day. 

Our Story

Robert loves Valor!

Robert loves Valor!

Our journey to a Young Living Essential Oils - landed at our doorstep, we just had to answer.

Some of the most meaningful things seem to come to us by landing literally at our doorstep. I was first introduced to Young Living Essential Oils from my sister who lived in the apartment next to ours in Saint John, NB. She shared her oils with us freely, and allowed me to spend evenings chatting and smelling her beautiful collection. She generously loaned me her oils (and her mother gifted me a fair amount), and for this, I am so grateful. I'd be met in the hall with the smell of her diffusing oils, and she gently encouraged me to order some. For a couple of years, I had a very limited supply and saw their immense value but didn't step out and commit to having them in our home daily. I deeply regret not joining then, it wouldn't be for a couple of years until I committed to improving our lives with these amazingly powerful, pure oils.

Reiki is another thing that literally landed at my doorstep from the girl next door. We lived in a beautiful walk up in Vancouver, BC and the fabulous woman next door introduced me to Reiki and shared her wonderful gift freely. This resulted in me becoming a Reiki Practitioner. Serendipitously we were both moving to Ireland within a week of each other, and have been able to energetically stay connected over the years, as we have both travelled and travelled some more!

These simple yet highly impactful doorstep gifts literally changed the course of our lives! Without these amazing women sharing their gifts and passions to me, we wouldn't be where I am today.

As with most things that change me the most profoundly in life, I don't look for them, they simply arrive at my doorstep. I wish I would have answered with a resounding YES sooner. Never too late to open the door.